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OTF Aquarium Farm also Import, Wholesale & Retails in a wide range & variety of aquarium fishes & products. From a whole range of fish foods, medication, filtration systems, to tanks and even arowana. Many different range & design of accessories are also available. Layout and display of aquarium fishes & products are visibly clear and attractive OTF is in fact a one stop place where customers could shop & obtain what is needed at our farm.



If you wish to have specialized person assisting in a permanent set up and maintenance of your aquarium Do consult us as you can be sure to get exactly the right things through the staff's professional recommendations.


                                                                                                                     All staff are most willing to assist our customers as they undergoes initial basic and on-going training so as to ensure good service and comprehensive knowledge to guide our customers on proper & basic aquarium maintaining


At OTF  Aquarium Farm, you'll never know what surprises may come your way as we continuously innovate and advance to ensure our customers experience a sense of discovery and enrichment on each visit


Inside this showroom, there are a huge selection of top quality farm-bred arowanas awaits in the shop. Knowledge and ideas of arowana keeping are also share, impart or exchange to educate our customers in enhancing their hobby.  As these fishes are specially hand-picked by our Breeders, hobbyists are always assured of quality arowanas on sale. Strong referrals by repeat customers are a testimony to this. Customer's feedback to OTF proved that not only they have indeed go beyond the extra mile but also assist in bringing this hobby to the next higher level.


Exotic and Ornamental Fishes

We have a wide variety of local and imported breed of fishes such as Arowana, Koi, Goldfish, Discus, Guppy, Betta, African Cichlid, Angel Fish, Killifish...etc. You will be spoilt for choice!

Aquatic Plants

At our store, we have an extensive species of local and imported aquatic plants namely Floating plants, Mosses, Rosette Plants, Stem plants, Ferns...etc. These plants allow you to have more variety, colors and characters to enhance & beautified your landscaped aquariums.


Local & Imported Aquariums

We have wide selection of local and imported Premium quality aquarium tanks & cabinets that provide the best environment for the fishes and the ideal ecological system for an beautiful Aquarium at home or offices.

 *Design, Consult & Build to specification also available.


Aquatic Set-up & Maintenance Services

Our Experienced & Specialised staff can provide you with Design, Set-up and Maintenance services for your Aquarium at home/office.


Aquarium Books & Magazines

We have a comprehensive range of local and imported Aquarium and Aquatic books and Magazine at our store. Ranging from Aquarium Setup, Basic Fish Care & Maintenance, Medication, as well as Aquatic Design & Landscaping.


Aquatic Equipment and Accessories

Need any accessories for your aquarium, at our store you could easily find the full range of premium & quality aquatic filters and pumps, lightings, sponges etc.



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