Juvenile Pearl Stingray @ +/-12cm size

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Juvenile Pearl Stingray @ +/-12cm size

Juvenile Pearl Stingray @ +/-12cm size

  • Pure Pearl Stingray

  • $399.00

  • 3 or more $266.00
  • 7 or more $256.86
  • 10 or more $239.80

Pearl Stingray

This variety has numerous white spots & figure-8 pattern peppered all along its body. Its larger spots tend to cluster around the middle of their disc.


The Pearl stingray originates from amazon river located in central Brazil.

They are imported & captive-bred in our farm well-planned selective breeding programme, supervised by experienced and knowledgeable team. These breeding stocks can guarantee better quality of their offspring. You can be sure that 100% of OTF Pearl stingray pups are purebred.

Pearl Stingrays are some of the most interesting freshwater fish around. From the entrancing way they glide in the water to their fascinating appearance, the pure novelty of owning Pearl stingrays is a fun venture for any aquarium hobbyists.

Vivid exceptions like the Pearl Stingray for instance is arguably one of the most stunning species in the hobby and have especially stunning unique patterns along their backs, which may entice you to delve into the curious world of stingray care and breeding.



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