BOYU - UV Bio Filter(EFU8000)

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BOYU - UV Bio Filter(EFU8000)

BOYU - UV Bio Filter(EFU8000)

  • Aquarium Accessories

  • $158.00

  • Unit includes a 9 watt ultraviolet Light (UV). 
  • FILTER for Ornamental Lakes or Large Aquariums, up to 8,000 L
  • Suitable for garden ponds and commercial fish farms for excellent filtration and purification of water.
  • A modern and simple design, special filtering functions, a highly effective UV device to kill various germs, thus keeping crystal clear water.
  • Waterproof design on the ring to ensure any leakage.
  • Multi-stage hose connector suitable for different sizes of feeding tubes or fitting hoses.
  • UV & Bio Filters are perfect for clarifying green 'pea soup' coloured water.
  • Pondline UV & Bio Filters are pressurized, so can be situated next to your pond or a few metres away, even feed a waterfall. 


  • Voltage: AC 240v, 50Hz
  • UV Wattage: 9w
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Hose Size: 13mm, 19mm & 25mm (insideØ)
  • Includes: Hose Tail Fitting
  • Physical Size Of Unit : 376x311x393mm




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