ATMAN - Aquarium Water Pump(AT301S)

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ATMAN - Aquarium Water Pump(AT301S)

ATMAN - Aquarium Water Pump(AT301S)

  • Water Pump

  • $9.00

  • Voltage: 220~240V/50/60Hz
  • Available in 4 different Model/Size: 
  • 1. 301S, 2.5w, Qmax; 230L/H, Hmax: 0.5L/H
  • 2. 304S, 5w, Qmax; 800L/H, Hmax: 1.1L/H
  • 3. 305S, 13w, Qmax; 1200L/H, Hmax: 1.3L/H
  • 4. 306S, 27w, Qmax; 2000L/H, Hmax: 2L/H


  • Atman is a submersible pump, serving hydroponic water pumps, engine cooling, as a filtration system Suitable for Freshwater & marine aquarium, which is very diverse. 
  •  high efficiency, energy saving motor , very durable, compact design, no noise, no heating.
  • These pumps can be removed from the propeller compartment for cleaning dirt after a long period of use.
  • On the body of the pump models is also equipped with a wiper to reduce the flow of pumped water at the user's will very convenient



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