A1 - 3 level Trickle Top filter

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A1 - 3 level Trickle Top filter

A1 - 3 level Trickle Top filter

  • Pumps

  • $42.00

Package included:

  • one water pump: 220V, 8W, 800L/H
  • 6 Pcs Trickle Filter Box + 2 Pcs Box Cover + filter tray(as shown in picture)
  • 2pc white filter mat & 2pc green filter mat,
  • NOT inclusive of biological media
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Clear
  • Size:  45 x 13 x 25cm
  • suitable for up to 52cm size aquarium 


  • The drip can increase the oxygen in water.
  •  A trickling filter is a type of wastewater treatment system.
  •  Provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria colonies to grow.
  •  Anti overflow baffle design, pores evenly distributed at the bottom of the box.
  • Stackable, use with aquarium gutter rack and placed on top of the aquarium.


 Trickle Box Filter System

  • Trickle filters, also known as wet / dry filters for marine and freshwater aquariums.
  • Water is pumped over a number of perforated trays containing filter wool or some other filter material. 
  • The water trickles through the trays, keeping the filter wool wet but not completely submerged, allowing aerobic bacteria to grow and aiding biological filtration. The water returns to the aquarium like rain.
  •  It consists of a fixed biological media over which sewage or other wastewater flows downward and causes a layer of microbial slime (biofilm) to grow, covering the bed of media. Aerobic conditions are maintained by splashing, diffusion, and either by forced-air flowing through the bed or natural convection of air if the filter medium is porous.
  • Bio Medias are only really effective when they have water trickling through them.
  • Other canister filter ceramic noodles and matrix have little effect, as they are completely submerged.





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